Welcome to Eirios - the only UK fulfilment house tailored to US DTC.

The UK is a market of 67 million consumers - the size of California and Texas combined - waiting to be introduced to your brand. But your UK customers don't want to wait two weeks for shipping only to receive a tax bill when their goods finally do cross the border.

Selling into foreign markets fulfils the promise of the age of direct-to-customer ecommerce. No longer do you need middlemen and brick-and-mortar retail to reach the vast potential markets abroad.

But there are new challenges you won't have come across in your home country. And you do need a helping hand from people who know what they're doing.

At Eirios, we've looked specifically at the challenges faced by American DTC brands coming to the UK.

From shipping to border taxes, data protection laws to cultural differences, solving these challenges is our expertise.

Yes, we're a 3PL too, and that's likely to be a crucial part of the puzzle you piece together as you build your UK operation. But we're also here to help you find the other pieces.

We help you get your exporting right before your goods arrive with us. We want you to get your taxes right once you're here, so your own customers don't get caught out. And your marketing - while it's done a great job for you so far - may need a few British cultural adjustments so it has the biggest impact over here.

See us as your UK operational arm. Not just giving you advice, but putting that information into practice too.

If you're a North American DTC brand looking to sell into the UK, let's start the conversation.

Where it all began

Our Home in Monmouthshire, Wales

Front shutter of Eirios warehouse in Wales
What We Can Do For You

Fulfilment Services

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Picking the right items from the shelves, quickly, and with a miniscule error rate.
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Packing your products securely and within size limits to minimise your shipping costs.
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Regular collections with the couriers ensure your items are shipped quickly after an order comes through.
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Stock Control
Stock counts and inventory sorting to ensure product availability and optimise storage space.
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Sorting, re-packaging or re-labelling your products once they're received from your manufacturer.
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Processing returns so that products in a saleable condition are quickly returned to stock.
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