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Big fulfilment companies just don't care as much as we do.

It's not all their fault. We're all biased to assume that bigger means better, and that's no more true than in the fulfilment industry. Bigger warehouses, more clients, legions of staff.

But what's gained in size is often lost elsewhere. A less nuanced understanding of your product and customers. Shipping mistakes which make you wonder whether people are really paying attention. Escalating costs which mean you're paying for their marketing team.

They've decided to sacrifice effectiveness at the altar of efficiency. And that's their efficiency - not yours.

We believe the industry has it all wrong. There is another way.

At Eirios, we know that third party fulfilment just works better when it's small, decentralised and local. Smaller teams, simpler logistics, local connections.

Don't mistake this for any lack of ambition. We have every desire to grow - but the path of that growth is different.

Two smaller warehouses, instead of one bigger one. Serving smaller ecommerce businesses, instead of whoever comes knocking. Building long term relationships, instead of one-time mass distribution campaigns.

Perhaps this makes sense to you, because it's not too dissimilar from how you run your own business. You long ago realised that mass market ecommerce and skimping on quality was a dead end. You're niched, customer focused and ambitious for your brand.

If that's the case, we'd love to work with you.

Where it all began

Our Home in Monmouthshire, Wales

Front shutter of Eirios warehouse in Wales
What We Can Do For You

Fulfilment Services

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Picking the right items from the shelves, quickly, and with a miniscule error rate.
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Packing your products securely and within size limits to minimise your shipping costs.
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Regular collections with the couriers ensure your items are shipped quickly after an order comes through.
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Stock Control
Stock counts and inventory sorting to ensure product availability and optimise storage space.
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Sorting, re-packaging or re-labelling your products once they're received from your manufacturer.
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Processing returns so that products in a saleable condition are quickly returned to stock.
It's time to grow.
Find out how we can help you outsource your fulfilment operations - so you can focus on everything else.
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