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3PL and Fulfilment Services for American DTC Brands in the UK
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Our guide, fully updated for 2024, has been written specifically for North American DTC ecommerce brands interested in expanding their operations to the UK market. It's a 26-page strategic overview which provides answers to all kinds of initial questions such as whether you need to set up a UK-based entity, the best location for a 3PL partner, and where to find specific regulaions for your product.
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We're DTC operators ourselves and know the Transatlantic route.

Having built our own direct-to-customer ecommerce brands and expanded from the UK to the US, we know about the unique challenges faced by businesses looking to cross the Atlantic. When we launched our 3PL, Eirios, we wanted it to specialise and cater specifically to businesses taking the brave leap of international expansion.


You and Us

You've conquered your home market in the US and now it's time to expand abroad. We're the only specialist 3PL set up specifically to help US Direct-to-Consumer brands grow in the UK market.

About Eirios
Logistics for ecommerce

Our 3PL Service

We've built our fulfilment service around serving American DTC brands like yours.

Our Services
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What We Can Do For You

Fulfilment Services

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Picking the right items from the shelves, quickly, without the annoying mistakes big fulfilment companies make.
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Packing your products securely and within size limits to minimise your shipping costs.
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Regular collections with the couriers ensure your items are shipped quickly after an order comes through.
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Stock Control
Stock counts and inventory sorting to ensure product availability and optimise storage space.
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Sorting, re-packaging or re-labelling your products once they're received from your manufacturer.
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Processing returns so that products in a saleable condition are quickly returned to stock.

Ecommerce Fulfilment Advice

Shipping Across the Atlantic: Air vs Sea
July 15, 2024

North American direct-to-consumer brands can choose either air or sea freight for shipping their goods across the Atlantic. Which is best?

Differences in Culture and Consumer Behaviour Between the UK and US
July 8, 2024

An overview of commonly-identified cultural, social and demographic differences between US and UK consumers.

Banking and Currency Exchange for US Brands in the UK
July 1, 2024

How US ecommerce brands can set up a UK bank account, and efficiently receive and convert £GBP payments from their customers to $USD for the purposes of eventually transferring back to their home business checking account.

Your fulfilment partner in the UK.
"Eirios are like an extension of our own business - it's just so reassuring to know they've got our operations handled." - Beatrice, Radical Tea Towel
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