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Fulfilment operations in Wales for growing ecommerce businesses.
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We care enough to serve your customers as if they were our own.

You and Us

You're a growing ecommerce business: bootstrapped, passionate about your product, ambitious for your brand. We believe that third party fulfilment works better when it's more like you. Smaller teams, local connections, simpler logistics.

About Eirios
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Logistics for ecommerce

Our 3PL Service

We've built our fulfilment service around serving direct-to-consumer brands like yours.

Our Services
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What We Can Do For You

Fulfilment Services

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Picking the right items from the shelves, quickly, without the annoying mistakes big fulfilment companies make.
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Packing your products securely and within size limits to minimise your shipping costs.
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Regular collections with the couriers ensure your items are shipped quickly after an order comes through.
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Stock Control
Stock counts and inventory sorting to ensure product availability and optimise storage space.
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Sorting, re-packaging or re-labelling your products once they're received from your manufacturer.
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Processing returns so that products in a saleable condition are quickly returned to stock.

Ecommerce Fulfilment Advice

Choosing a fulfilment partner for your ecommerce business: the last post you'll ever need
April 1, 2023

A few too many late nights in December made me realise it was time to get some help with the operations of my fledgling ecommerce business. Here's the story of how my business partners and I went about finding that help - known as 'ecommerce fulfilment'. There were plenty of factors we considered - and some we didn't.

The importance of fulfilment warehouse culture
April 8, 2023

You might think the main concerns of a fulfilment company would be things like costs, logistics and storage capacity. To improve a business, you can spend a lot of time trying to optimise any or all of these. But what if there was something else which made improving all of these things that much easier?

Managing relations with your 3PL provider: ignore this at your peril
April 15, 2023

You did your research, shortlisted fulfilment partners, and finally decided to outsource your ecommerce operations. 'Set it and forget it', right? Not quite. There's something you still need to do - build and maintain a relationship.

Your fulfilment partner in Wales.
"Eirios are like an extension of our own business - it's just so reassuring to know they've got our operations handled." - Beatrice, Radical Tea Towel Company
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